Abby Clarissa


Jamie Bradley

Abby Clarissa and Jamie Bradley
Abby Clarissa and Jamie Bradley

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Our Story

Abby and Jamie first met at Holy Cross in 2010. Abby was a senior and Jamie was on campus for an alumni baseball event. A mutual friend said they had to meet because Jamie worked at EMC and Abby was starting a new job there a few months later. Unbeknownst to the two of them, the small talk at the party would become much bigger talks later on!

Life kept bringing Abby and Jamie together. They bumped into each other in Fairfield later that year and realized their families lived down the road from one another. Months later, Abby started her job at EMC and there Jamie was again. He frequented the EMC Suite at Fenway with customers where Abby monitored the boxes during events. Jamie went to one too many games that year hoping that Abby might be there.

It wasn't until 2015 though when life really decided it was time for Abby and Jamie to be together. The two hadn't seen each other for a few years as Jamie was living in Texas. One evening, Jamie attended a Bruins game with his good friend. While chatting at the event, Jamie mentioned he was thinking about Abby and wondered what she had been up to. Little did he know, Abby was just a few rows away from him attending the same game. Afterward, Jamie wandered across the street for a final drink. Abby chose the same spot. There in line, after many months and years of thinking about Jamie, and Jamie about Abby, well...there they were again! Jamie looked at his buddy and said, "This is the girl!"

From that night on, Abby and Jamie started listening to the world and haven't parted since.
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